Journal of Cancer Biology and Clinical Oncology

Volume 1, Issue 1

Case Report

Intra Renal Paraganglioma: Exceptional Localization

Author(s): Yddoussalah O, Saouli A, Karmouni T, Elkhader K, Koutani A, Ibn Attya Andaloussi A

Case Report

As Long As I Work I Will Live

Author(s): Linda Moore

Research Article

Targeting Cyclin E by Phellinus Linteus for Colon Cancer Therapeutics

Author(s): Suthakar Ganapathy, Tianqi Yu, Ling Shen, Bo Peng, Sung-Hoon Kim and Changyan Chen

Research Article

Benefit From Smoking Cessation on COPD Patients Undergoing Stereotactic Body Radiation for Lung Cancer Functional Evaluation a Cohort Study

Author(s): Aldo Pezzuto, Pierfilippo Cruccitti, Loretta D’Onofrio, Eleonora Marrucci, Spalato Ceruso M, Giuseppe Tonini

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