Journal of Geology and Geoscience

Socio-Hydrogeology and its Application for Promoting Ground Water Management in India

Author(s): Shrikant Daji Limaye

In order to achieve the SDGs (Sustainable Development Goals) ground water management for protecting ground water quality and quantity has assumed a key role. Socio-Hydrogeology (SHG) is a new branch of water related sciences which promotes taking hydrogeology or the ground water science to the society, especially to the rural society and farmers, as the farmers are the greatest users of ground water. SHG stresses the need to educate the civil society regarding the principles of hydrogeology in simple language so as to ensure society’s participation and cooperation in conservation and reducing pollution of ground water. In order to practise SHG, the research work and the research funds available to Universities and Government Institutes should be oriented towards solving the practical problems faced by the society. SHG includes an active role for hydrogeologists for communication with rural society about water related Geohazards like drought, flood, desertification, aquifer salinization, tsunami, etc. and for effective remediation after their occurrence. Many NGOs and industries in India, especially the cement manufacturing industries, are following the principles of ‘responsible resource development’ related to surface water and ground water and are in a way promoting Socio-Hydrology (SH) and Socio-Hydrogeology (SHG), respectively.

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