Journal of Nutrition and Dietetic Practice

Volume 3, Issue 1

Research Article

Curvilinear Associations between Weight Status and Diet Variety in Children Referred for Eating Problems

Author(s): Helen M. Hendy, Marsha B. Novick, Keith E Williams and Laura J. Seiverling

Research Article

Using Egg Replacers in A Custard Style Pumpkin Pie

Author(s): April Sansevieri, Kimberly Singh and B Burgin Ross

Research Article

Association of Vitamin D and Glucose Tolerance and Adverse Pregnancy Outcomes in Pregnant Women

Author(s): Catherine Boniface*, Judith R. Shary, Myla Ebeling, Nina E Forestieri, Wei Wei, Bruce W Hollis, Amy Wahlquist, Scott Sullivan and Carol L Wagner

Research Article

Aquafaba and Flax Seed Gel as a Substitute for Egg Whites in French Macaron Cookies

Author(s): Danielle Horner, Emily Huneycutt and B Burgin Ross*

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