Pediatric Research and Child Health

Volume 1, Issue 1


Re-Assessing Intra-Partum Fetal Monitoring and Its Medico- Legal Implications

Author(s): Buttigieg George Gregory, Micallef Stafrace Kirill


Common Behavioral Problems in Children

Author(s): Bushra Mushtaq

Research Article

Mean Platelet Volume is a Good Marker in Preterm Neonates on Bubble-Continuous Positive Airway Pressure (CPAP) Therapy

Author(s): Nagwa I. Okaily, Abdel-Azeem M. El-Mazary and Ashraf M AbdelFadeil

Research Article

Traditional Chinese Medicine for Treatment of Bronchiolitis in Young Children

Author(s): Li Mengmenga, Yang Ping, Ren Yanyu

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