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Invasion of Wind and Cold as Cause of Respiratory Tract Infection Outbreak in a School Kinder Garden Group of Kids

Author(s): Huang WL

Introduction: According to Western medicine, upper respiratory tract infection (URTI) is a complex symptom usually caused by several families of virus. According to Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM), these pathologies are linked to invasion of external pathogenic factors such as Wind, Cold, Dryness, Dampness, and Heat. 
Purpose: To demonstrate that not all upper respiratory tract infections are caused by virus or bacteria but due to invasion of Wind and Cold. 
Methods: The teacher was performing acupuncture treatment, and complained with the author (her doctor) about her sixteen students (ages around 4-5 years old). Around 50% of them were all happening to get sick at the same time, with coryza, fever, cough and secretion in the nose. The physician asked her several questions, such as how was the use and frequency of air conditioner or fan inside the classroom or if the kids were playing in the cold ground. The teacher said there was a ceiling fan always turned-on in the classroom. The physician oriented her to turn it off to see if the kids would improve from their symptoms. 
Results: As soon as the fan stopped being used, all the sick kids presented improvement of their symptoms. 
Conclusion: Not all upper respiratory tract infections can be considered caused by virus or bacteria. It is important to acknowledge that the external pathogenic factors could be responsible for the outbreak in this case. According to TCM, the invasion of Cold and Wind is the main cause responsible for the start of upper respiratory tract infections. It is necessary to include these factors as possible causative agents to perform prevention, and treat adequately, to avoid relapses.

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