Journal of Anatomy and Physiological Studies


Determination and Comparison of the Types of Facial Asymmetry among the Sickle Cell Anaemic and Normal Children in Kano State Nigeria

Author(s): Mansur S, Anas IY

Objective: To determine and compare the types of facial asymmetry of Sickle and non-Sickle Cell Anemic children in Kano State, Nigeria.
Materials and Method: Three hundred and sixty-five (365) subjects were used out of which 186 (96 males and 90 female) were children with Sickle Cell Anemia and 179 (108 males and 71 females) were not. Subjects were photographed based on standard method after consent was given by each of the guardian. Required dimensions were acquired from standard facial landmarks placed on the photos. The facial dimensions were recorded and the types of facial asymmetry were determined (using a standard formula) and compared between the Sickle Cell Anemic and normal subjects.
Results: Directional and Fluctuating facial asymmetry exist in all parts of the faces of the Sickle Cell or non-Sickle Cell Anemic children. However, some of the dimensions were only peculiar to Sickle or non-Sickle Cell Anemic children, while others were only peculiar to the male or female Sickle or non-Sickle Cell Anemic children.
Conclusion: This study concludes that Sickle cell Anemia determines the types of facial asymmetry and these types are also affected by sex factor.

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