Journal of Anatomy and Physiological Studies


A Dilated, Tortuous Uterine Artery: Gross Anatomical Variant and Clinical Significance

Author(s): Chelsea Clark, Cara L Fisher

The dissection of a left hemisected pelvis of a 43-year-old embalmed female cadaver revealed a dilated, tortuous ascending branch of the uterine artery. It contains a total of eighteen direction changes in a ~2cm span. Dilated tortuous uterine arteries are associated with multipara, and the resultant decreased blood flow can lead to a multitude of pre- and post-partum complications. Research focuses on developing a reproducible, credible identification method for uterine artery variants in women presenting with associated symptoms in order to prevent these dangerous clinical manifestations. The purpose of this paper is to report the anatomical variant, provide retrospective discussion, and advocate future research.

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