Journal of Anatomy and Physiological Studies


Atypical Levator Glandulae Thyroideae: A Case Report

Author(s): Taylor Blackwood, Alfred Laborde, Cara L Fisher

During careful dissection of a 70-year-old African American male, an accessory fibromuscular band was noted in the anterior neck. After examination and literature review, this accessory fibromuscular band was noted to be the levator glandulae thyroideae. The levator glandulae thyroideae is most commonly noted to originate from the hyoid bone and insert onto the pyramidal lobe of the thyroid gland, most often on the left side. This variant levator glandulae thyroideae originated on the left side of the hyoid bone and crossed the midline to insert onto the right side of the thyroid gland, surrounding the pyramidal lobe. The levator glandulae thyroideae is an embryological remnant of contested origin and functions to elevate the thyroid gland. This case report serves to further the body of knowledge surrounding the levator glandulae thyroideae and to inform surgeons and clinicians of a possible anatomic variant they should be acutely aware of.

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