Journal of Anatomy and Physiological Studies


Distal Transradial Access in the Anatomical Snuffbox for Coronary Angiography and Aortography

Author(s): Vilela FD, Boechat E Salles JA, Cortes LA, Ferreira da Costa GB, Manso Vieira WJ

Distal radial artery (RA) access for transradial interventions is a new approach for a technique with 25-years-old. The distal transradial access in the anatomical snuffbox for coronary procedures reduces the risk of occlusion in the RA located in the proximal to the wrist, a frequent finding in patients who develop a forearm RA occlusion due to puncture trauma or hemostasis trauma at the traditional radial puncture site. We demonstrate in this case the possibility of distal RA access to make a coronary angiography (CA) and aortography (Ao) in a public service without any additional equipment or cost, even in difficult vascular access patients.

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