Applied Psychiatry


Post-Traumatic Stress Disorder; Beyond the War in the ICU

Author(s): Emmanuel Enrique Chavez Toledo, Orlando Ruben Perez Nieto, Eder Ivan Zamarron Lopez, Ernesto Deloya Tomas, Jose Antonio Meade-Aguilar, Jenner Josue Martinez Mazariegos, Miguel Angel Martínez Camacho, Alfredo Antonio Reyes Garcia, Jose David Salmeron Gonzalez, Jesus Salvador Sanchez Diaz, Raul Soriano Orozco, Manuel Alberto Guerrero Gutierrez

Introduction: Posttraumatic Stress Disorder (PTSD) is a disease triggered by a traumatic life event, to which the individual reacts with symptoms of fear, intrusive thought s and despair, persistently reliving the event over and over again through what is known as flashbacks. 
Development: PTSD presents a multi-factorial etiology and depending on the severity will trigger the characteristic symptoms such as disorders of affect, anxiety and depression, this pathological entity is little known and much less widespread, so it is necessary to clarify everything related to this disorder and provide the tools to identify each of the symptoms that characterize it, and in this way, to establish an appropriate treatment based on the characteristics of each individual, taking into account, of course, the associated medical conditions that may arise. It is important to transfer this information to the attention in the Intensive Care Unit (ICU), given that it is in this area of a hospital where the signs and symptoms of PTSD are most frequently observed and in most cases not we managed to accurately identify the condition and, therefore, the medical comorbidity is exacerbated or even the same psychiatric condition prevents a favorable evolution of the medical condition. 
Conclusion: The management of the clinical spectrum of PTSD in the ICU is necessary to detect it in time and channel the affected patient with the specialist in psychiatry, in order to reduce morbidity and prevent a worsening of mental health and sequel of the patient.

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