Journal of Biopharmaceutics and Therapeutic Challenges

Antitumor Activity of Selenium-Enriched a Platensis Combined With Polyphenols, Vitamin E and SOD

Author(s): Saloua Dimassi, Henri Oréal, Catherine Riva

Background: Platensis, widely used as a nutritional supplement, can accumulate selenium (Se) in a dose and time-dependent manner, a trace element with potential anticancer effects. In this study, we were interested in the cytotoxic effect of Se either as inorganic or organic form, in Se-enriched A. platensis, and in association with an antioxidant cocktail (polyphenols (olive oil extracts), vitamin E and superoxide dismutase) (ULTRASELEM® formulation). 
Methods: Different A. platensis enrichment protocols of Se were assessed and the antitumor activity of the different forms of Se or in the ULTRASELEM® formulation was tested in vitro on a murine epithelial colorectal adenocarcinoma (CT26) cell line. 
Results: Single dose Se enrichment protocol provided a more profitable Se-enriched A. platensis than daily Se enrichment. Then Seenriched A. platensis in ULTRASELEM® induced significant in vitro activity on CT26 cells with 30% of cell growth inhibition with two ULTRASELEM® capsules (50μg.L-1 Se) and more than 90% inhibition with eight capsules (200μg.L-1 Se) without reaching maximal daily recommended Se intake. 
Conclusion: This ULTRASELEM® formulation represents an original combination of antitumor and antioxidant properties eliciting promising efficacy on cancer and thus an excellent candidate for therapeutic use in cancer prevention and treatment.

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