Journal of Cancer Biology and Clinical Oncology


As Long As I Work I Will Live

Author(s): Linda Moore

Life altering situations can come at the most unexpected time. This abstract addresses a real-life unfolding scenario case study of a 57 female who is the main financial and health care support of her family. The case study presented here in real-time will help health care workers understand the dynamics of a family unit being torn apart as they are grasping the gravity of the diagnosis of Triple Negative metastatic breast cancer. This revealing case study will also show the good and bad experiences that a family and patient experience as they traverse the health care system in attempt to find the right medical team that is willing to work together for the best possible outcomes. Additionally, this case study will shed light on the situation whereby the female who is the primary support of the family income as well as health care insurance accepts that she may have to work up until the end of life to ensure her family is cared for
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