Journal of Cancer Biology and Clinical Oncology


Intra Renal Paraganglioma: Exceptional Localization

Author(s): Yddoussalah O, Saouli A, Karmouni T, Elkhader K, Koutani A, Ibn Attya Andaloussi A

Introduction: Intra renal paraganglioma are exceptional tumors. A thorough literature review found only twelve additional cases of intrarenal paraganglioma reported up to date. 
Case presentation: The authors report the case of a paraganglioma intra discovered on renal nephrectomy piece performed on a right kidney destroyed by pelvic calculi. 
Conclusion : The treatment of these tumors requires a more complete surgical resection possible since the prognosis depends. There exists against no consensus on the usefulness of complementary therapies, which nevertheless may be symptomatic title in extra. Through this observation we insist on the clinical, paraclinical and therapeutic characteristics of this anatomo-pathological entity.

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