Journal of Cancer Biology and Clinical Oncology

A High Expression of AZIN1 but not AZIN2 is involved in the progression of Breast Cancer

Author(s): Kristiina Joensuu

Dormancy of breast cancer after removing the primary tumor is unpredictable, and depends on both the features of the malignant epithelial cells and on the immunological response of the host. In this study we investigated the role of antizyme inhibitors AZIN1 and AZIN2, important regulators of ornithine decarboxylase, in the biological behaviour of breast cancer. Ornithine decarboxylase is the rate-limiting enzyme to produce polyamines from ornithine, crucial for cell proliferation and tumor induction and spread. In the tumor stroma polyamines attenuate the immunological response of the micro environment towards malignant cells. We used 137 paraffin fixed samples of primary breast cancer and their corresponding recurrent lesions to evaluate the expression of AZIN1 and AZIN2 at protein level. AZIN1 was expressed at a significantly higher level in recurrences than in the corresponding primary tumors. Moreover, we found a high expression of AZIN1 in tumor cells and in the epithelium of benign glands in the samples of primary tumors to predict an early progression of breast cancer. A high expression of AZIN1 in primary tumors correlated with HER2 gene amplification and progesteron receptor positivity. AZIN2, likely to be involved in cell secretion, did not correlate with the biological behaviour of the tumor.

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