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Atrophy, Dystosia and Dysmorphic Feature of Mature Thyroid Follicle in 3rd Trimester of Pregnancy- A Disambiguate and Violation Effect of Smallest Size Nanosilver after Critical Penetration into Its Core

Author(s): Pani JP, Pani S

Background: Despite irregular shape and smallest size (2.75nm) silver nanoparticles have been showing up to mark positive response in form of several expandable applications like textile, war head, miscellaneous and cancer diagnostic with treating fields because of their significant coating ability and analyst agent nature in chemical reaction it also shows negative response as endocrine disruptor of vital endocrine glands in human body especially thyroid in 3rd trimester of pregnancy. In vivo studies have demonstrated that these properties are also closely associated with devastative health effects while performing critical penetration into internal cell architecture of pregnant thyroid. There is extreme unavailability of relevant articles and information’s in previous and present nano world on possible toxic effects of smallest size nanosilver on the mature thyroid follicle in 3rd trimester of pregnancy.
Methods: This script is an attempt to show off disrupted endocrine system functions and deviated cellular morphology in form of mature thyroid follicle disambiguatory effect which is associated with smallest silver nanoparticle critical penetration into it while performing experiment on pregnant Swiss Albino mice at 3rd trimester of pregnancy at a extreme lower dose (0.25 mg/kg b.w./500 ppm of AgNps in colloidal solution) serial oral application.(13 to 19 gestational age) Our aim was to intimate with the potential endocrine disrupting risks in 3rd trimester of pregnancy posed by smallest size nanosilver fresh colloidal solution. 
Result: The smallest size silver nanoparticle alters the physiological activity of mature thyroid follicle along with histological features viewed in form of atresia, dystosia, atrophy and dysmorphology proved to be endocrine disruptor. 3rd trimester pregnant dissected thyroid released hormone (triiodothyronine, tetraiodothyroxine, thyroid stimulating hormone, thyro-calcitonin) analysis was done by using post hoc analysis (ANOVA and MANOVA) with p value <0.05 and found treated group hormone level depletes significantly from control group. 
Conclusion: A close and technical evaluation of these features suggests that the application of smallest size silver nanoparticle colloidal solution in sensitive period of 3rd trimester of pregnancy is an alarm which evokes endocrine disruptive risk in form of cellular toxicity to mature thyroid follicle is quite interesting and study oriented.

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