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Journal of Clinical Trials and Regulatory Affairs (JCTRA) is a journal that provides a wide knowledge about the issues and challenges on analysis, design, conduct, regulation and evaluation with ethics. Clinical trials involve the efficacy of new drugs for a disease which have no proven effective therapy. The studies are experimented by animal models, animal and human subjects. It emphasizes the unconventional design of drugs, results of clinical trials, statistical methods, methodology of operation, data management, ethical and legal considerations.

JCTRA has a broad coverage of articles pharmaceutical development, intellectual property rights and regulatory affairs that approaches appropriate for advancing drug development. It also publishes methodologies, protocols, result papers, commentaries and controversial issues.

The objective of the journal is to stimulate the discussion and sharing the ethical and regulatory factors in clinical trials among academics, clinicians, researchers and industrialists.

Discussions of the Journal includes,

  • Trial designs
  • Protocols
  • Case studies
  • Contemporary Clinical Trials
  • Data auditing methods
  • Clinical ethics
  • Experimentation
  • Quality assurance
  • Drug development
  • Pharmacovigilance

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