Contemporary Chemistry


Conditions for Air Inflammation in the Reactors of Big Volume

Author(s): Fedotov VG, Fedotova EY

The oxidation of atmospheric nitrogen initiated by electrical discharge near ferrite surface was studied in our work. This fast reaction reveals itself in a light flash without heat; its radiation spectrum belongs to NO (B 2Π) molecules. We used the term “Electronic Energy Explosion” (EEE) to describe this phenomenon. (Perhaps, “Air Inflammation” would be more expressive and figurative term). The EEE active zone is able to propagate in space at definite conditions. The aim of this study was an investigation these conditions for reactors of big volume (3 – 30 L). It was found that in the reactors with surface to volume relation S/V > 0.3 cm-1 the propagation EEE active zone took place at enhanced pressure or in the presence of light reflecting walls; when S/V<0.3 the EEE active zone propagated at atmospheric pressure and without reflective walls. An explanation of such kind of S/V dependence was proposed.

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