Dentistry and Practices [ISSN: 2581-4990]


Temperature Increase during Tooth Whitening

Author(s): E. Tada, T.Tominaga, H.Yasukawa and Y.Oshida

Among various risks associated with the tooth whitening, the present study investigates the temperature increase that might cause irreversible damage on intracanal tissue. A human mandibular central incisor was subjected to this study. Under various operational conditions (including tooth thickness, irradiation time, distance and angle, presence of whitening agent, etc.), it was found that the critical intracanal temperature (above which the intracanal tissue could be subject to the irreversible damage) of 42.5°C can be monitored by an externally measuring the tooth surface temperature, independent of whitening conditions (irradiation source, its angle and duration, distance from the tooth surface) as well as tooth properties (tooth thickness, size, thermal conductivity).

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