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Assessment of the Association between Sleep Disordered Breathing and Developing Malocclusion in 6-9 Year Old Children - an Observational Pilot Study

Author(s): Shirke Shweta R*, Katre Amar N

Introduction: Sleep Disordered Breathing (SDB) in children differs from adults in a number of ways, including presenting symptoms and treatment. Children have a varied presentation from snoring and frequent arousals to enuresis, to hyperactivity. Untreated SDB may result in complications such as learning difficulties, memory loss, hypertension, depression as also poor orofacial development and malocclusion.
Aim: To assess the association between SDB and developing malocclusion in 6-9 year old children.
Methodology: Thirty- five healthy children aged 6-9 years were assessed for IOTN and their parents were administered a pre-validated questionnaire for assessing SDB (University of Michigan) by a single, trained examiner. The questionnaire had 4 domains, related to snoring, SDB, daytime sleepiness, and daytime behaviour problems. The primary variables assessed were SDB (using Pediatric Sleep Questionnaire) and developing malocclusion (using IOTN) and the modifying variables assessed were age and gender.
Results: 48.57% of children had SDB. A positive and moderate correlation was observed between SDB and IOTN grade that was statistically significant (rho=0.626; p<0.001). Age and gender did not affect this association.
Conclusion: SDB has a moderate association with developing malocclusion.

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