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Molar Incisor Hipomineralization, prevalence and association to gender, presence of caries, MIH severity in incisors and the need for treatment

Author(s): Karine Takahashi, Deborah Nunes Morato, Aline Gomes França, Ana Clara Barcelos, Camila Maria Bullio Fragelli

Introduction: Molar-Incisivor Hipomineralization is a defect of a systemic origin from first molars and permanent incisors, affecting children from the moment of their eruption, and may vary at socioeconomic, cultural, regional and ethnic levels. 
Objective: This study aimed to investigate the prevalence of Molar-Incisivor Hipomineralization and its influence on the aesthetic perception of the students regarding the defects presented. 
Material and Method: This cross-sectional observational study had a sample of 432 children aged 6-11 years old from the city of Mirante do Paranapanema -SP. Clinical examinations were performed by a single trained and calibrated examiner, using the criteria proposed by the European Academy of Paediatrics Dentistry (EAPD), classifying the anomaly as mild, moderate or severe. To evaluate the perception of aesthetics, the questionnaire Child’s and Parent’s Questionnaire about teeth appearance (CQATA) was used. 
Results: A total of 35 (8.10%) of the children had MIH, and 28. presented severe symptoms. Previous abortion suffered by mothers was reported as the main etiology (11.42%). There was an aesthetic perception in relation to MIH present in the incisors and their dominance in relation to the position of the anomaly. 
Conclusion: It is concluded that, there is no association of gender, presence of caries and the need for treatment in relation to MIH. However, there was an association between the severity of MIH and the presence of MIH in incisors with some domains of the CQATA questionnaire.

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