Dentistry and Practices [ISSN: 2581-4990]

Digital Flow Approach and Implant Dentistry

Author(s): L Barbera, A Magni, N Barbera, A Puccio and E Barbera

The Implant-Prosthetic rehabilitation has reached in recent years the standards of efficiency, effectiveness and predictability really high. This is also thanks to the digital methods that assist the Team in all phases; starting from the acquisition of diagnostic data, the elaboration of a virtual project, the production of the devices to be used and the active treatment phases. While trusting in the digital technical plus, we must not forget that the scientific and technical foundations of these rehabilitations, are those that the international consensus recognizes as real, and accepted; just think, for example, to the attention given to the design of the prosthetic restoration or the anatomo-functional periodontal unit (the so-called implant site). We will show the design and operational flow that we use on a daily basis in clinical practice and we will exemplify it by showing two cases in which the digital approach has allowed us to perform a complete and useful diagnosis. The balance of the first thirteen years of use of digital systematics this, is undoubtedly positive. The prospects for the future, with developments approaching a very short time horizon, are very encouraging.

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