Journal of Diabetes and Clinical Studies


Hypertension Amongst the Diabetic Patients Assessing Care in A Primary Care Setting in South-Eastern, Nigeria

Author(s): Onuoha Franklin M and Egwim Jideoma I

Introduction: The increasing scourge in hypertension and its complications are attributed to the effect of globalization and the rise in the prevalence of diabetes mellitus amongst other factors. This study is therefore set to determine the prevalence of hypertension amongst the diabetic cohort in a primary care setting in Nigeria. 
Methodology: It was a descriptive cross-sectional study done between January and March, 2017. A total of 300 diabetic patients aged 20 years and above were randomly recruited into the study by the use of pre-tested and a well-structured questionnaire. The Fasting blood glucose, Random blood glucose and blood pressure (BP) were determined and recorded. 
Results: The prevalence of hypertension amongst diabetics was 44%. The mean systolic and diastolic BPs were 152.32 ± 25.08 mmHg and 92.08 ± 12.01 mmHg respectively. The relationship between the duration of diabetes and the prevalence of hypertension was statistically significant (p-value=0.04) 
Conclusion: The prevalence of hypertension and duration of diabetes reported in this study were high. Early detection of diabetes is very essential at reducing the scourge of hypertension amongst the diabetic cohort.

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