Integrative Molecular Biology and Biotechnology

The Importance of Surveillance and Containment Measures to Contain Virus Spread: A Focus on Covid-19

Author(s): Beatriz Marinho de Paula Mariani, Luisa da Silva Costa, Rafaella Mariani Pardo Marrelli Caldas, Caio Augusto Dias Carneiro, Amanda Lunardi, Marcela Boer de Lima, Franciele Santos Mateus, Mariana Coelho Dutra Silva, Mariana Santos Rocha, Graziela Sousa Santana, Isabela Ingrid Francia, Giulia Paifer Domingues and Paulo Cesar Fumagalli Marotto

In December 2019, COVID-19 was responsible for a pandemic scenario having Wuhan, China, as the epicenter of the transmission. The virus has a notorious capacity for human-to-human transmission, which facilitated rapid global dissemination, being declared a public health emergency of international concern. In this article we collected information about the COVID-19 outbreak, using recent publications from around the world. This revision identifies the need to self-isolation, the autonomy to order a test based on clinical suspicion and also tracking the cases, the importance to invest on organizing hospital triage, separating the diagnosed cases and on educating the population about the COVID-19. We hope that through this data we can all learn more from this virus behavior, taking the example from other countries who are also dealing with the ongoing outbreak to battle against virus spread.

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