Journal of Neurology and Neuro Toxicology


Neurotoxins in the Human Brain in the Anthropocene; Tipping Points

Author(s): Clifford Qualls, Abdul-Mehdi Ali, Sonia Guillen, Carolina Aguero Piwonka, Maria Costa, Marie-Laure van Hove, Didier Willems, Raffaella Bianucci, Otto Appenzeller

We measured neurotoxic metal content in 16 human mummified brains collected from sites in New Mexico, USA and locations in Belgium, Chile and Peru. We modeled statistically the tipping points in terms of the accumulation of Hg or of other metals known to cause clinical harm. 
We find that neurotoxins are present in human nervous tissues and have consequences for human health and well being in the Anthropocene. In Belgium, North and South America the levels of these neurotoxins show that tipping points have been reached though these vary by region. Thus when modeled statistically, tipping points may reach critical levels in the Anthropocene and predict human clinical effects.

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