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Stroke Associated to Cannabis Use, Cigarette Smoking, and Alcohol Consumption. A Hospital Based Study from Burkina Faso

Author(s): Dabilgou AA, Dravé A, Kyelem M JA, Sawadogo Y, Napon C, Millogo A, Kaboré J

Objective: To determine the characteristic of stroke related to Cannabis Use, Cigarette Smoking, and Alcohol Consumption in a tertiary hospital in Burkina Faso.
Methodology: This was retrospective and observational study carried on stroke patients admitted in Neurology Department of YOUTH during a period going from January 1st 2015 up to December 31th 2018. Patients consumers of alcohol, tobacco and cannabis were included. In opposition, patients with major vascular risk factors (hypertension, diabetes mellitus, past history of cardiopathy, history of dyslipidemia) were excluded from this study.
Results: We reported 32 cases of stroke related to cannabis, alcohol and tobacco use. Twenty-six cases were ischemic stroke and 6 were (18.7%) hemorrhagic. This study included 19 men and 13 women with a mean age of 41.9 years (ranges: 20- 60 years). Young patients (˂ 45 years) accounted for 56.2% of cases. Twenty for (75%) patients were cigarette smokers, 22 (68.8%) were alcohol drinkers and 3 (9.4%) were cannabis users. Toxicological drug screening was performed in in 6 (18.7%) cases and was positive for cannabis in 3 cases. The etiology of ischemic stroke was classified as atherosclerosis in 5 (23.1%), cardioembolism in 6 (19.2%) and unknown in 15(57.6%). Atrial fibrillation was the most cause of cardioembolism. The mean length of stay was 12.12 ± 9.7 days. The mortality rate was 3.1 % (n=1).
Conclusion: Stroke and drug use is in full swing in the world and the emphasis should be on a prevention policy including craving withdrawal.

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