Journal of Nutrition and Dietetic Practice


Development and Validation of the Cross-Cultural Checklist for Dietary Weight Loss Recommendations

Author(s): Marcia Magnus, Penny Brooks, Tan Li

The objectives of this study were to: identify the extent to which multiethnic Black and Hispanic weight loss program participants want nutrition educators 1) to acknowledge a client’s accent, 2) to admit minimal familiarity with the client’s ethnic foods and to express a desire to learn more about them, and 3) to describe how ethnic foods can be used to solve nutrition problems. The fourth objective was to determine the extent to which clients would rather receive a numerical or subjective diet quality score. The final objective was to use these preference data to validate the Cross-Cultural Checklist for Dietary Weight Loss Recommendations. A convenience sample of 208 university faculty members, staff and students who were enrolled in a university weight loss program was derived. This study was a four-semester a longitudinal design. The content validity of the instrument was determined by ten hospital dietitians. The test-retest reliability test showed that all testable items generated Kappa coefficients which were in “moderate”, “substantial” or “almost perfect” agreement. Frequencies were calculated, and the FDR procedure was used to quantify respondents’ preferences about ethnic food consumption during nutrition sessions. More than 75% of multiethnic Blacks and Hispanics indicated that it was very crucial or crucial for nutrition educators to inquire about frequency of ethnic food consumption and their favorite ethnic foods. More than 90% wanted to leave a nutrition session with 1) a numerical diet quality score; knowing 2) how their ethnic foods are classified as red/yellow/green-light ethnic foods; 3) how to neutralize the harmful effects of ethnic red-light foods; and 4) which ethnic superfoods could reverse their nutrition problems. Based on these preference data, the Cross-Cultural Checklist for Dietary Weight Loss Recommendations was developed and validated for use with multiethnic Blacks and Hispanics who intend to lose weight.

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