Journal of Nutrition and Dietetic Practice


Proximate, Mineral and Sensory Properties of Cookies Made from Tiger-Nut Flour

Author(s): Akajiaku LO, kabuo NO, Alagbaoso SO, Orji IG, Nwogu AS

The proximate, mineral and sensory properties of cookies made with Tiger-nut (Cyperus esculentus) flour were evaluated. The proximate analysis revealed that cookies made from tiger-nut flour enriched with tiger-nut milk and cookies made from tiger-nut flour and cow milk had crude protein, CHO, crude fiber, ash, fat, and moisture contents as follows: 7.51% and 7.37%, 67.52% and 69.22%, 0.61% 0.59%, 1.74% and 1.71, 14.87 and 15.87%, and 6.95% and 5.35% respectively while the minerals (mg/100g) were Phosphorus 226.87 and 238.66,Calcium 26.58 and 31.64, sodium 169.46 and 163.61, iron 1.62 and 1.49, zinc 0.79 and 0.85, and potassium 90.56 and 78.72. The sensory evaluation were also carried out for color, taste, aroma and mouth-feel and the results were 5.40 and 4.80, 4.07 and 3.87, 5.53and 5.20, 3.87 and 4.20, and 4.47 and 4.67 respectively. . The cookies made from tiger-nut flour enriched with tiger-nut milk had higher acceptability to that made from tiger-nut flour enriched with cow milk. The utilization of tiger-nut flour in baking industries will clearly reduce the over dependence on wheat flour as well as the cost of products made from wheat flour, thereby increasing the availability of healthy, gluten-free products in developing countries.

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