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Does Annual Health Check-Ups Improve Health Literacy in Minnesotans?

Author(s): Hee Yun Lee, Yan Luo, Qing Li, H E Nam, JW Baik and MS Jackson

Background: The rising cost of healthcare in America and the increase of health issues necessitate the understanding of strategies to improve the health literacy of American citizens. 
Methods: Guided by the Andersen’s health behavior model, this study examined the levels of literacy and factors associated with health literacy among adult Minnesotans. Convenience sample of 723 participants was used in this analysis, and multiple regression analysis was utilized to investigate the association of health literacy with Andersen’s predisposing, enabling, and need factors.
Results: The findings indicated that enabling factors were educational attainment and annual health checkup and need factors were selfreported health status and Activities of Daily Living (ADLs). 
Conclusion: To improve health literacy, future research, policy, and practice should promote community-based health literacy education and practice of annual health check-up where the healthcare professionals may have an opportunity to educate patients about necessary health information and practice.

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