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Labor Trajectories and Studies Abroad

Author(s): María Cristina Parra Sandoval, Magdalena Fresan Orozco, Rocío Grediaga-Kuri

The objective of our research, of which we give partial account in this article, was to characterize the social, economic and political conditions of Mexicans’ academic international mobility: migration flows, scholar and labor trajectories. The characteristics of the Higher Education System, as well as the migration policies of each country, established the contextual frame for the career paths of people who study abroad. In the labor trajectories, it is important to highlight the way each career develops and changes according to certain work conditions, either in the destination country or in Mexico. We reconstructed three separate moments in each individual’s labor trajectory: before studying abroad, during, and after finishing their studies. The impact of studying abroad in the individual’s professional development also varies by generational group and areas of expertise. Finally, we address how having studied abroad has an impact on acquiring better job posts or elite positions in Mexico and abroad.

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