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Ahi Women’s: The first Women’s Non-Governmental Organization in the World

Author(s): Sefa Bulut

When compared with its contemporaries, there have been those who interpreted Bacıyan-ı Rum (Anatolian Sisters) as an “Anatolian Women’s Organization”. This community is an exact example of non-governmental organizations in terms of its activities. Women’s social aid associations, women’s employment efforts and activities of promoting women’s status of today date back to the consciousness of Bacıyan-ı Rum [1]. This structure, which was based not on gender dominance but the human itself in the society, made great contributions to the moral development in social life and the creation of professional ethics in the business life. In this respect, the union significantly contributed to sociocultural and economic development as much as the Ahi Organization founded by men. The aim of this research article is to trace the roots of women’s first Non-Governmental organization in Turkey and tries to found its significance. In addition, this paper will try to analyze how it shapes the status of women in Turkish culture and society.

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