Veterinary Sciences and Medicine

Volume 2, Issue 2

Effect of melatonin administration and induction of hyperprolactinemia in the first third of pregnancy on the adrenal of pinealectomized female rats

Author(s): Fernanda das Chagas Angelo Mendes Tenorio, Edson João da Silva, Fernanda Miguel de Andrade, Manoel Adrião Gomes Filho, Bruno Mendes Tenorio, Valeria Wanderley Teixeira, Álvaro Aguiar Coelho Teixeira

Mastitis pathogens isolated from samples of milk in dairy cows herds of Slovak spotted cattle

Author(s): Zigo F, Elečko J, Vasiľ M, Ondrašovičová S, Zigová M, Takáč L, Takáčová J and Vlastimil Šimek

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