Veterinary Sciences and Medicine


Microscopicn and Histochemical study of Liver in Iraqi Flacon (Flacon berigora)

Author(s): Nadhem A Shehan, Haifa A Hussein, Sameera A Daaj, Shrooq S Hussein

The aim of present study is provide basic information about microscopic and histochemical study of liver in Iraqi Flacon (Flacon berigora). The histological study showed the liver covered by thin connective tissue capsule which formed collagen and elastic fibers .the hepatocytes were arranged as anastomosing cords of 2-4 cell thickness, the cords were separated by the blood sinusoids. The hepatocyte was polygonal shape with large rounded nuclei. The Histochemical result revealed positive reaction for both carbohydrate, lipid and protein when stain by periodic acid Schiff (PAS), osmium potassium dichromate and mercuric Bromophenol Blue respectively.

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