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Efectividad de nitazoxanida, teclozán y fenbendazol en el tratamiento de giardiasis canina. Nitazoxanide, teclozan and fenbendazole effectiveness in treating canine giardiasis

Author(s): Víctor Molina D; Natalia Saldarriaga O; Oscar Vergara

Canine giardiasis is parasite illness of worldwide distribution that has been showing resistance phenomena to conventional treatment in tropical zones. Objective: to determine the effectiveness of nitazoxanida, teclozan and fenbendazole on the canine giardiasis treatment in dog kennel situation. Materials and methods: 45 canines selected, positive to the presence of Giardia duodenalis in a canine kennel in Caldas, Antioquia, Colombia. Canines were crossbred, of both sex and different ages. All were submitted to test carpological in four times: zero (initial), first (8 days), second (30 days), third (90 days) of application. Also were conducted in the same time hematological tests, with blood count, alanine amino transferees and creatinine, respectively. The selected patients for the controlled clinical trial were randomly selected and received three treatment protocols, Group A: nitazoxanida 10 mg/kg oral every 24 hours for three days; Group B: Teclozan 10 mg/kg oral every 24 hours for three days and, Group C: fenbendazole 50 mg/kg oral every 24 hours for three days. Results: all the medicines were effective in the canine giardiasis treatment at long and short terms. The fenbendazole and teclozan were the most effective at short term (60%), whereas, all were effective at long term, in 30 days (93.3%), and in 90 days (100%), respectively. None of the medicines shows alterations hematology, renal and hepatic in the study. Conclusion: All the evaluated medicines were effective for the canine giardiasis treatment in dog kennel situation and without secondary effects in the treated canines.

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