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Ascites associated with Congestive Heart failure in a police dog (K 9) (Diagnosis and management)

Author(s): Kamal M Alsaad, Abdulbari A Alfaris, Mohanad H Lafta

A male, Mullinoise breed K9 dog, 23 kg weight and of 5.7 years old, had been brought to the Consultant Veterinary Teaching Hospital, College of Veterinary Medicine, University of Basrah, Iraq, with a patient history of acute illness of 1-4 days’ duration, Dyspnea with open-mouth breathing sometimes, lethargy, reduced food intake, an obvious distended abdomen developed gradually, reduced exercise tolerance, coughing, and occasionally weight loss with fainting only at exercise sometimes. In addition to a history of deworming and vaccination had been applied previously. Clinical examination revealed respiratory distress, severe abdominal distension, lethargy, pale gum and mucous membrane, Harsh lung sound with pulmonary crackles are typically present on the auscultation of the chest, However, a loud murmur is indicated on auscultation of the heart area, Furthermore, slight hepatomegaly, Distended jugular vein and a weak femoral arterial pulse were also detected on clinical palpation of diseased dog. Congestive heart failure was suspect, according to the clinical presentation, Hematological and biochemical results, in addition to Ultrasonography diagnosis.

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