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Efficacy of Nucleo CMP Forte after Induce Spinal Cord Injury in Rats

Author(s): Abdulbari A. Alfaris, Zainab Hashim Radha & Batool S. Hamza

This study was carried out to evaluate the efficacy of Nucleo CMP Forte therapy as a single therapy on the regeneration of spinal cord injury in laboratory rats. Twenty adult white rats were used in this study , divided into two groups, each group consists of ten animals control group and Nucleo CMP forte treated group Spinal cord had been transected in all animals of experiment control group and . Nucleo CMP Forte (30 mg/kg) was given intramuscularly in Nucleo CMP immediately after spinal cord transection in CMP treated group. In the group of Nucleo CMP, The group of which administered CMP. Animals of each group sacrificed on two periods of time after 6, 12 weeks, clinical assessment for the motor and sensory functions were done throughout the time of experiment, macroscopic and microscopic examination of the spinal cord were done after sacrificing of the animals. 
Results indicate that the axonal regeneration. In Nucleo CMP Forte the results showed that the improvement of motor and sensory functions, degree of spinal cord cooptation and the glial scar formation and axonal regeneration were less than that Nucleo CMP Forte, this being more obvious in respect to the macroscopic findings in which the degree of spinal cord cooptation was better than the other group, microscopic findings also showed massive glial scar formation and axonal regeneration in the same group.

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