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Use of Fluralaner on 4 Dogs with Trombiculosis

Author(s): Laura Eva Martínez López, Camilo Romero Núñez, Laura Miranda Contreras, Rafael Heredia Cárdenas, Galia Sheinberg Waisburd, Alberto Martin Cordero, Ilse Anahi Romero Flores*, Cecilia Guadalupe López Márquez

Trombiculosis is a parasitic dermatosis. The objective was to report the treatment with fluralaner in four schnauzer dogs with trombiculosis. A single oral dose of fluralaner was administered at 25 mg/kg body weight. Evaluations of pruritus, lesions, and the presence of live mites were performed at 13, 28, and 60 days post-treatment. From day 13 after treatment, microscopic skin observations of all dogs were negative for the presence of mites, continuing until the end of the study (day 60). Significant decreases in itching were observed from day 13, progressively decreasing to 0 on day 60. The lesion score between day one and day 13 decreased significantly, while on the other days of evaluation, the improvement in lesions was only observed numerically in the score reaching 0. Fluralaner administered in a single dose showed efficacy in eliminating chigger mites at 13 days, thus significantly resolving clinical signs associated with trombiculosis.

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